Error codes for the “Master Gas” boiler: interpretation of symbols and troubleshooting guides

Recognized leaders in global heating technology are European companies that set the tone for the entire industry producing heating systems.

The Italian company Immergas occupies a worthy place among its competitors, presenting to the market a wide range of gas heating boilers of varying power and functionality.

The quality and level of assembly of the units meet all standards and European requirements; the most advanced technologies and techniques are used in production.

Each boiler is equipped with a self-diagnosis system that operates in continuous mode and monitors the condition of all components and parts.

The occurrence of any malfunction is immediately monitored by the system and a digital code for this error appears on the display.

Main malfunctions of Immergas gas boilers

The most common problem is with the ignition of the burner.

It is indicated by code 01 and can have several causes:

  • Gas supply problems. There may be a lack of pressure in the gas pipeline, a closed gas valve, a gas valve failure, or other problems.
  • Poor condition of burner nozzles. They may be clogged with soot and soot.
  • Incorrect power connection. All European boilers are phase-dependent and require a specific connection of all electrodes and mandatory grounding. If the connection is made incorrectly, upon startup the boiler is immediately blocked and cannot start working.


Sometimes the boiler suddenly stops starting for unknown reasons. You should check the connection of the electrodes on the common panel; perhaps they were accidentally mixed up during repairs.

The second common problem is boiler overheating.

It can also be caused by several reasons:

  • The fluid circulation rate has dropped due to problems with the pump.
  • Too hard water has caused the formation of a layer of scale inside the heat exchanger, which is a natural heat insulator and reduces heating efficiency. This caused the combustion regime to intensify. A situation has arisen when, in order to obtain the required temperature, the heat exchanger has to be heated more strongly, which causes excessive load on the metal, increases gas consumption, and prematurely destroys all components of the boiler.

Another error that often appears on the display is the presence of a stray flame (error 20). The system sees a flame on the burner, which is currently turned off.

The reasons for this condition may be:

  • Presence of condensation drops on the control board.
  • Due to poor-quality grounding, a static charge appears, which is perceived by the system as a signal from a burning flame.

In addition to these errors, others may occur, less frequent and not detected by electronics.:

  • The smell of gas indicates a leak.
  • Failure of the pressure switch during startup, requiring cleaning of the chimney.
  • A weak orange flame indicates that the injector channels are clogged with soot or soot.

Most errors that occur for the first time are cleared immediately. This is done because the boiler electronics are highly sensitive and often mistake electrical interference for sensor signals .

However, if the error appears again and again, you should immediately contact service.

Errors in gas boilers Arderia (Arderia) and methods for eliminating them

Any gas boiler needs regular maintenance and preventive measures. It happens that the causes of problems are external factors: low pressure in the line, voltage drops, etc.

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Malfunctions of Arderia gas double-circuit wall-mounted boilers are detected in the form of codes on the screen. Their decoding is available in the operating instructions.

Error codeCauseHow to fix
A1Short circuit of the air pressure sensor (blowing out the chimney). Usually occurs when the smoke exhaust channel is clogged or reverse draft occurs. You should inspect whether the chimney is clogged with debris or whether ice has formed on it, which is preventing smoke from escaping and air flowing to the burner.
Check for the presence of reverse draft; if there is any, the cause of the occurrence should be identified. Perhaps you need to put a deflector on the pipe or change the design of the chimney
A2The fan rotates slowly.
Appears due to a malfunction of the element, a break in its wiring
It is necessary to check the operation of the fan, whether anything is interfering with it. If necessary, clean the part from debris. ...Perhaps ice has appeared at the end of the coaxial pipe, preventing smoke from escaping from it
A3Problems with the circulation pump and its sensor
Often occurs if the pressure sensor is clogged
You should check the sensor wiring and diagnose the pump.
If necessary, clean and connect the wires
A4The overheating sensor has tripped.
The reasons are as follows:
  • pump failure;
  • 3-way valve failure;
  • failure of the DHW flow sensor.

All heating system shut-off valves may be closed

Clean filters from clogs.
Unblock the circulation pump and clear its visible parts of debris.

Open shut-off valves.

Check the functionality of the three-way valve and the DHW flow sensor.

Replace broken items

A5Low coolant pressure.
Possible reasons:
  • lack of fluid in the heating system;
  • air jams;
  • malfunction of the circulation pump or flow sensor
There may be a leak in the heating system. All radiators and pipes should be checked for its presence.
It is necessary to remove air pockets using Mayevsky taps.

The speed of the circulation pump impeller should be adjusted.

Replace faulty elements

A6There is no ignition. The smoke exhaust pipe is blocked.
Usually the reasons are:
  • low gas pressure;
  • malfunctions of the gas valve or transformer;
  • blocking of the gas duct
You should check the fuel pressure in the line, and if it is low, inform the gas supply company
A7Problems with the gas valve.
Usually the cause is a control board failure
Diagnostics of the gas valve and its wiring.
If necessary, replace the broken part with a new one
A8There is a residual flame in the combustion chamber, although no voltage is supplied to the gas valve.
The reason lies in a malfunction of the gas valve diaphragm
If the valve diaphragm is faulty, it must be replaced. If this does not help, you should change the control board
A9Freezing - the coolant temperature has reached
If the unit does not start automatically, you should turn it on
AABoiling – the temperature of the liquid in the system has exceeded the permissible limit.
This may have happened for the following reasons:
  • shut-off valves are closed;
  • filters are clogged;
  • There is a problem with the circulation pump or three-way valve.
The valves should be opened.
Clean filters from debris.

Check the functionality of the pump and three-way valve

AND YOUThermostat malfunction.
Perhaps the reasons are as follows:
  • short circuit;
  • loose thermostat connection
Diagnostics of thermostat contacts and the unit itself.
Cleaning the contacts and connecting them to the thermostat.

Replacing a faulty element

AESmoke exhaust is difficult.
It mainly occurs as a result of a clogged chimney or its deformation.
The chimney pipe needs to be cleaned

Models of gas boilers Arderia B10, B14, B16 have different error codes. Let's look at what they mean and how to troubleshoot.

E0 – antifreeze mode. This code is displayed on the screen if the coolant temperature drops below +1°C. It is necessary to check the integrity of the system in which the liquid circulates. The error disappears if the coolant is heated. If it still hasn't disappeared, call a professional.

Code E1 indicates an ionization sensor error. This occurs when there is no expected flame. Appears as a result of unsuccessful ignition of the unit or after the flame fails during operation.

E2 – pressure sensor error. Appears as a result of weak draft, which is caused by malfunctions of the sensor or fan. The unit will attempt to return to normal operation for 15 minutes. Check the chimney and the presence of draft in it. If the error does not disappear after 15 minutes, contact the service center technician.

E3 – overheating thermostat error. Occurs when there is no coolant or its movement in the heating system. The circulation pump may be faulty. You should also check all valves and lines of the system. You can remove the lock using the MODE button. If this does not help, contact customer service.

E4 – overheating of temperature sensors. Appears on the screen due to the lack of fluid in the system or its circulation. Check the valves and heating pipe. The lock is released using the MODE button.

E5 – temperature sensor error. Appears when the cold water sensor is faulty. Turn off the hot water and wait. The lock can be released by pressing the MODE button. Code E6 – DHW sensor error. Appears when the DHW sensor is faulty. Close the hot water taps to normalize the heating system. The lock is released using the MODE button.

E7 – problem with the temperature sensor. Displayed when the heating circuit temperature sensor fails. Typically, this code appears when communication with the sensor is lost. When it gets better, the problem disappears.

E8 – indicates the presence of residual fire (ionization sensor error). Occurs if there is still fire in the combustion chamber or as a result of a sensor error. Unlock using the MODE button. If the error occurs again, contact customer service. E9 means pressure sensor error. Appears when fluid pressure is low or absent. You should check the system for leaks or adjust the speed at which the pump pumps coolant. It is necessary to eliminate any identified leaks or adjust the pump operation.

The fan starts working, but the flame does not appear

The air pressure switch does not work. Blocking the chimney. Leak in the combustion products exhaust system. The combustion chamber is not sealed. Power supply voltage is below 170 V. Install a voltage stabilizer

Incorrect combustion: flame color yellow or red

The burner is dirty. Incorrect functioning of the chimney. Incorrect gas valve setting.

Long waiting time for hot water

Since in the absence of water supply the water in the DHW pipe cools down, some time must pass before hot water appears from the tap.

The Arderia boiler often turns off: due to excessive temperature (error A4) or low pressure in the heating system (error A5).

Insufficient pressure, leaks or circulation problems in the heating system. It is necessary to check that the pressure in the heating system is within 1-1.2 bar, and that there are no leaks in the system. Checking the circulation in the heating system must be carried out by authorized personnel.

Presence of air in the heating system. Remove air.

Insufficient air pressure in the boiler expansion tank. Raise the air pressure in the tank to 1.0 bar - at zero pressure in the heating system.

The boiler pump shaft is blocked. The boiler pump is faulty. You need to call an authorized specialist.

Frequent spontaneous shutdowns of the boiler in DHW mode

Insufficient cold water pressure at the boiler inlet.

Ensure that the cold sanitary water inlet pressure is at least 1.5 bar. When using an individual water supply system with a hydraulic accumulator and uneven pressure, it is recommended that the pump turn on pressure be at least 2.0 bar.

Hot water flow too low. Do not set the water flow below 2 l/min, as this will trigger the DHW flow sensor and subsequently turn off the water heating. Random opening and closing of water taps respectively starts and stops the water heating process, which can lead to an increase in waiting time for hot water.

Fluctuations in hot water temperature

The simultaneous use of several hot water consumption points makes water consumption unstable. To reduce temperature fluctuations, do not use more than one hot water tap at a time.

The boiler burner does not turn on (error A6)

The power cord is not connected - connect the power cord. No gas supply - open the gas supply valve. The water temperature is set too low - set the temperature to a higher temperature using the regulator.

The appearance of strange sounds during boiler operation

There is air left in the pipes - bleed the air. Repeat filling the boiler with water. All shut-off valves are closed - open the shut-off valves. The Arderia boiler is not attached to the wall correctly - secure the boiler correctly. If the noise does not disappear, call a specialist from the service center.

The room does not warm up to a comfortable temperature

The boiler is operating in DHW mode - turn on the heating mode. The coolant temperature is set too low - set a higher temperature using the regulator. The shut-off valve in the heating circuit is closed - locate and open the valve. One or more taps in the heating circuit are not fully open - check all taps. Open partially closed ones. The boiler filter is clogged - clean the filter. There is air left in the pipes - bleed the air. Repeat filling the boiler with water.


Clean the filter. The DHW stop tap is closed - open the DHW tap. The filter is clogged - clean the filter.

The boiler is overheating

Shut-off valves in the heating system are closed - check all valves. Open if they are closed.

All error codes and their interpretation

Let's look at the standard error codes for Immergas gas boilers:

01No ignition
02The thermostat gave the command to block the ignition
03Smoke sensor problems
05Exhaust temperature sensor failure
06DHW temperature sensor failure
08Unlock button does not work
09Setting function started
10Reduced coolant pressure
11Internal locking
12Boiler overheating
15Boiler electronics failure
16Fan failure, poor contact
20The system detects a flame on a switched-off burner
27Exhaust circulation failure
31Control board problems
37Critically low supply voltage

The meaning of error codes in the Rocterm boiler


Error code E2 No ignition. Gas does not pass into the burner assembly. Presumably the shut-off valve is closed. You need to open the valve located on the gas supply line. In case of initial start-up, air must be removed from the pipeline. Pay attention to the level of gas pressure supplied to the gas fittings. Recommended pressure 18-21 Mbar. Next, check the accuracy of the maximum and minimum gas pressure adjustments on the injectors. The settings are listed in the installation instructions. If necessary, we will adjust the boiler. Functional failure of the gas valve. If a problem is detected, the gas valve requires replacement. The flame control electrode is not working correctly or is broken. Inspect it for contamination. Adjust the distance between the burner device and the flame control electrode if necessary. Damage to gas equipment. We inspect the gas valve coils to identify a possible short circuit or break. If any damage is found, install a working gas valve. The gas valve begins to stick. Place a silicone tube on the fitting located on the front of the valve and create increased pressure. There is not enough power to ignite. Adjust the ignition power using the service menu. Function failure or control board failure. The ignition transformer has stopped working. Restart the device. If the error recurs, it is recommended to replace the control board. Check grounding. The sheathing should not have tension. An excess of condensate provokes an interruption in the operation of the boiler unit. Clean the combustion chamber, the electrode that controls the flame, and the burner assembly from condensation. Malfunction of the ionization electrode. The control board detects a flame, although no combustion occurs. Inspect the ionization electrode cable. Possible wear and tear. The integrity of the circuit from the ionization electrode to the control board is inspected for a short circuit. The ignition electrode touches the burner assembly. The control board is unusable. It needs to be replaced. Error E7 Rockterm boiler is overheated. The safety thermostat is heated to a temperature of at least 105 degrees. If no ignition signals are sent in real time, then the error will not be recorded. The burner device goes out due to an increase in the temperature of the heating circuit, but the heating of the heat exchanger continues. In heating mode 90 degrees, in the hot water supply cycle 95C. The boiler is blocked by the automation unit if, within 10 seconds, the temperature of the safety thermostat is more than 105 C. If the overheating thermostat detects a temperature of more than 105 degrees in the heating or anti-icing cycle, the boiler automation will measure the stop for about thirty seconds. If during such a time period the temperature of the heating temperature sensor and the protective thermostat does not drop to 100 degrees, the automation will generate an error. The unit is switched off when the signal to ignite the burner is received. If during the flame formation cycle the temperature of the safety thermostat is above 105 degrees, the boiler will enter standby mode for 10 seconds, and only after this will show an error. The heating circuit temperature sensor or overheating thermostat turns on, pausing the operation of the device. The overheating thermostat will start when the temperature rises above 105C. You will need to wait until the unit has cooled down and reboot it using the on/off button. Damage or incorrect functioning of the overheating thermostat. We recommend that you change it. Poor circulation of coolant in the heating system. For the heating line, take pressure measurements. Its performance in a cooled system is 1.2 Bar. Excess air in the heating line. Remove excess air from the system through the air vent. Circulation is lost. Open shut-off valves that are preventing proper fluid circulation. Incorrect functioning of the circulation pump. The pump does not produce the required speed. Check the parameters and voltage of the electrical network. If voltage surges are detected in the electrical network, the boiler is connected to the network using a stabilizer. Check the resistance in the stator winding of the circulation pump motor for damage or short circuit. The water pump works steadily, but the pressure is weak. Obviously the impeller is faulty. If wear appears, the pump must be replaced. The rotation of the pump is not visible, although the flow into it is intense. We diagnose the pump, it is probably jammed. Unscrew the plug, then rotate the rotor shaft of the electric motor. There is no power to the circulation pump. Damage to the control board. The boiler needs to be rebooted. If the problem occurs again, replace the control board. Combustion thermostat overheating. We recommend waiting for the thermostat sensor to cool down before rebooting. Error E4 The heating circuit temperature sensor is damaged. There is an open circuit or short circuit in the heating system temperature sensor. When the temperature sensor circuit opens, the signal is lost, which is why a message is sent from the control board to turn off the gas burner device. Error code E3 The hot water NTC sensor is faulty. When there is a damage to the electrical circuit or a short circuit of the hot water supply temperature sensor with a cycle of four seconds, the gas burner will not work to prepare hot water. The Rocterm boiler will last longer in heating mode. The hot water temperature sensor is faulty. Code E1 Indicates that the system pressure level is low. Possible reasons for which this problem appears: a decrease in coolant pressure in the heating system. Poor contact between pressure sensor and electronic board. Pressostat failure. First of all, you should look at the results of the pressure gauge reading. Usually the failure is eliminated using a feed tap, which is installed to fill the system with coolant. If the emergency situation recurs, there may be a coolant leak. A hydraulic pump, primary heat exchanger, emergency overpressure relief valve, worn seal elements, make-up valve and other components may leak. Leaks can be determined by inspecting hydraulic units and components. Code E6 Weak traction. For reliable and safe operation of the Rockterm boiler, it is necessary to organize a draft to remove exhaust gases so that they do not enter living quarters. This is monitored automatically, and if some problems arise, the traction sensor-relay will turn on and the gas appliance will be turned off. The main reasons that may result in a lack of draft: small diameter of the chimney duct, inaccuracy during installation, blockage, ice on the walls. Limiting the size of the smoke exhaust channel leads to weak draft. The chimney pipe is too long. It is recommended that you carefully read the operating instructions for the gas appliance and follow the relevant requirements. A sufficiently long horizontal section of the smoke exhaust pipe can lead to a lack of necessary draft. Malfunction of the pneumatic traction sensor - When a vacuum is created in the supply tube, a soft click will be heard. Lack of contact between the electronic board and the pressure switch-traction sensor, condensation in the tubes, as well as incorrect fastening of the tubes with the pneumatic relay. Fan stops working - The fan impeller is clogged. There is not enough lubrication on the fan shaft, which is why it does not develop the required speed. There is no contact between the fan and the board that controls the electronics. Error code E5 Ignition problems. This may be indicated when the ignition does not work or the flame comes off. The contacts between the ignition mechanism and the flame sensor, as well as between the electronic board and the gas valve should be checked. The main factor in burner flame extinction may be insufficient draft.



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Problem solving

Let's look at ways to solve the most common problems:

  • 01. This error was discussed above and is a consequence of gas supply failures or incorrect power connections.
  • 03. Problem with the smoke exhaust sensor or thermostat. Check the functionality and connection; in difficult cases, replace the sensor.
  • 04. Lack of standard load resistance at the terminals. Clean the contacts and check the connecting wires.
  • 10. The heating circuit pressure has dropped. The error indicates a lack of coolant, the need to replenish the system and eliminate leaks.
  • 11. Problems with the smoke pressure thermostat. Check the operation of the fan or the condition of the chimney.
  • 27. Low circulation rate. The condition of the circulation pump should be checked. Particular attention should be paid to the impeller blades, which are made of plastic and can fail.
  • 28. Leakage in the DHW circuit. Check the taps, connections, inspect the water taps - perhaps a tap has been left open somewhere. You should also pay attention to kitchen or plumbing fixtures connected to the hot water supply - perhaps the cause of the leak lies there.
  • 31. Incompatibility or failure of the electronic control board. The culprit here could be a software failure that requires re-flashing the board, or a purely mechanical failure, burnout of microcircuits due to a power surge, etc. Replacing the control board is an expensive procedure, so you should protect it as much as possible from external influences (install a voltage stabilizer).


Some errors appear randomly due to voltage fluctuations. Strong fluctuations cause a series of errors on the display, which almost never repeat. To avoid such situations, you should immediately connect a power stabilizer (or better yet, an uninterruptible power supply).

Common error codes for gas heating boilers

Anarchy reigns in the principles of codifying errors in heating boilers - each manufacturer sets its own rules for encrypting fault codes. It is generally accepted to use a combination of letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9 to code errors. Most often, to interpret a particular code, it is enough to resort to the technical documentation for the product. As a rule, it contains tables with the name of the error, the cause of the malfunction and a list of measures taken to eliminate it


Problems with boilers usually arise due to untimely maintenance of components and assemblies, so it is necessary to make it a rule from time to time to arrange a thorough check of the heating equipment by the specialists involved. You should also contact them for all problems with boilers. With the exception of some basic troubles that can be solved on your own.

In gas heating boilers, the gas burner requires close attention, since it is the one that clogs most often.
It is also important to periodically clean the internal surfaces of the working chambers from contamination and maintain the chimney. It is noteworthy that the risk of failure or malfunction in double-circuit products is many times higher than in single-circuit models. This is due to the more complex design of devices of the first type; moreover, the water heater as part of such a boiler has to work all year round without a break. Important point!
Do not trust the installation and piping of a gas boiler to amateurs. Errors made in this case may not be detected immediately, but they will gradually damage the elements of the heating system.

Some heating units are not equipped with a display, however, they can also be diagnosed as faults. If a problem occurs, colored lights on the panel of such boilers light up or flash. Their ins and outs are disclosed in the accompanying documentation for the device. Don’t be lazy to look through it - studying the model’s data sheet will only be useful for future use.

The following is a list of the most common error codes with their descriptions for six major players in the heating systems market. The names of the manufacturing companies in the list are arranged in alphabetical order:

BAXI boilers

E 01 - it was not possible to ignite the gas burner in normal mode.

The error belongs to the category of general ones - it is caused by a variety of factors: inconsistency of the gas inlet pressure with the established standards, non-compliance with the polarity of the boiler connection, malfunction of the gas valve or electronic board, etc.

E 02 - activation of the emergency overheating thermostat.

Most often, boiler overheating is caused by a clogged heat exchange circuit. Less often, the problem should be looked for in the thermostat or temperature sensor on the heating supply.

E 03 - there are problems with the supply or removal of air from the combustion chamber.

In boilers with an open chamber, an error with almost 100 percent probability indicates a lack of proper draft, but in turbocharged models, everything is not so clear: the reason for the display of error E 03 on the screen can be either a failure to start the fan or a banal accumulation of condensate in the tubes.

E 05 - malfunction of the temperature sensor in the heating circuit supply.

Often, when this error occurs, the above-mentioned sensor asks for replacement.

E 06 - the DHW system temperature sensor is faulty.

Similar to the previous point.

E 10 - unacceptable pressure in the heating system.

The error “pops up” due to low water pressure in the circuit, poor contact between the sensor and the control board, or the cause of its occurrence is a malfunction of the minimum pressure switch. In the vast majority of cases, the problem is eliminated when the system is filled with coolant.

E 25 - exceeding the maximum boiler temperature.

The reason must be sought mainly in poor coolant circulation or in a malfunction of the heating system temperature sensor, which is installed at the outlet of the primary heat exchanger.

E 35 - parasitic flame (intermittent).

The code can be seen on the boiler display if the electronic board is faulty, as well as the flame detector electrode is incorrectly positioned.

E 40, E 41 - the chimney is clogged or the gas inlet pressure is too low.

The occurrence of a tandem of these errors is influenced by many factors: from a really low supply pressure of “blue fuel” to a malfunction of the gas valve.

E 96 - reduced voltage of the supply circuit (less than 170 V).

If an error appears with enviable regularity, it would be useful to acquire a voltage stabilizer in order to equalize its value and protect the device from possible power surges in the power supply.

E 00, E 99 - internal error on the electronic board.

Popular BAXI boilers

BAXI Eco-4s 24 F from 14,013 UAH. BAXI Eco-4s 10 F from 13,576 UAH. BAXI Eco Four 1.14 from 17,323 UAH. BAXI Eco Four 24 F from 18,823 UAH. BAXI Duo-Tec Compact 24 from 24,531 UAH. BAXI Eco-4s 24 from 14,481 UAH. BAXI Eco-4s 18 F from 13,731 UAH. BAXI Eco Four 1.14 F from 18,884 UAH. BAXI LUNA Max 240 i from 13,080 UAH. BAXI ECO-4s 1.24 F from 13,700 UAH. BAXI Main 5 24 F from 12,218 UAH. BAXI SLIM 1.230 iN from 26,778 UAH. BAXI Duo-tec Compact 1.24 from 24,656 UAH. BAXI LUNA-3 Silver Space 240 Fi from 12,420 UAH. BAXI LUNA Duo-tec 24 from 31,324 UAH. BAXI LUNA-3 240 Fi from 24,231 UAH. BAXI LUNA-3 240 i from 20,576 UAH. BAXI Eco Four 24 i from 18,547 UAH. BAXI Eco Four 1.24 from 17,400 UAH. BAXI LUNA Duo-tec E 33 from 39,302 UAH.

Bosch boilers

For Bosch Gaz 6000 series:

A7 - malfunction of the DHW circuit temperature sensor.

The sensor must be checked and replaced if necessary.

Ad - boiler temperature sensor is not defined.

You will need to check the sensor itself and the connecting wire.

C1 - low fan speed.

It can be caused by both low voltage in the power supply network and related problems in the flue gas exhaust system.

C4 - the differential pressure switch does not turn off when the fan is turned off.

This relay needs to be inspected.

C7 - fan malfunction.

Ways to solve the problem: check the operation of the fan and its wires with plugs. If necessary, the fan is replaced.

E2 - malfunction of the temperature sensor on the supply line (break).

This error is usually caused by damage or short circuit of the above-mentioned sensor.

E9 - activation of the temperature limiter in the heat exchanger.

Code E9 appears on the boiler screen due to many factors - from damage to the temperature limiter to problems in the heating circuit.

EA - no flame detected.

This is one of the most common errors in Bosch heating boilers. There are a lot of reasons for the error, as well as ways to solve the problem. But first it is better to check the opening of the gas tap, the gas supply pressure and the flue gas exhaust system. Does not help? We begin cleaning the heat exchanger and, if necessary, change the gas fittings.

F7 - the boiler detects a flame when it is off.

The reason should be sought in contamination of the electrodes, in parallel with which it is advisable to check the control board for moisture.

FA - the boiler detects a flame when the gas supply is shut off.

The gas fittings and flue gas exhaust system are subject to inspection.

Bosch gas boilers are in harmony with most modern interiors.

For ZSC / ZWC series:

A7 - malfunction of the temperature sensor of the hot water supply circuit (DHW).

The problem is often precisely there, i.e. the sensor needs to be replaced.

A8 - connection to the BUS bus is interrupted.

The problem can be resolved by checking the connecting cable and regulators.

A9 - incorrect installation of the DHW temperature sensor.

If this error appears, it is worth checking the mounting area of ​​the sensor and reconnecting it using heat-conducting paste.

Ad - boiler sensor not detected.

It is necessary to diagnose the sensor or replace it.

C1 - the differential pressure switch opened during boiler operation.

The diffuser, exhaust device and connecting pipes are subject to inspection.

C4 - the differential pressure switch does not turn off when the fan is turned off.

This relay needs to be inspected.

C6 - differential relay does not open.

The first point of the program when an error occurs is to check the relay and flue gas exhaust pipe.

d4 - too large temperature difference.

When a code appears, you need to pay attention to the circulation pump, bypass hose and check the pressure in the system.

EA - no flame detected.

This is one of the most common errors in Bosch heating boilers. There are a lot of reasons for the error, as well as ways to solve the problem. But first it is better to check the opening of the gas tap, the gas supply pressure and the flue gas exhaust system. Does not help? We begin cleaning the heat exchanger and, if necessary, change the gas fittings.

F0 - internal problem.

In this case, you need to diagnose the electronic board.

F7 - the boiler detects a flame when it is off.

The reason should be sought in contamination of the electrodes, in parallel with which it is advisable to check the control board for moisture.

FA - the boiler detects a flame when the gas supply is shut off.

The gas fittings and flue gas exhaust system are subject to inspection.

Popular Bosch boilers

Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN-18C RN from 16,900 UAH. Bosch Gaz 2000 WBN 24C from 14,939 UAH. Bosch Condens 2500 WBC 28-1 DC from 24,575 UAH. Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN-24C RN from 17,100 UAH. Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 12 from 19,933 UAH. Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 15 from 22,309 UAH. Bosch Gaz 3000 ZW24-2KE from 19,784 UAH. Bosch Gaz 4000 ZWA24-2K from 16,460 UAH. Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 9 from 19,503 UAH. Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN-24H RN from 16,300 UAH. Bosch Condens GC7000i W 14/24 C from 41,645 UAH. Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 4 from 19,174 UAH. Bosch Solid 2000 B-2 SFU 12 HNS from 19,000 UAH. Bosch Gaz 6000 WBN-35H RN from 19,300 UAH. Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 6 from 19,351 UAH. Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 18 from 22,460 UAH. Bosch Tronic Heat 3500 24 from 23,572 UAH. Bosch Condens 3000 ZWB 28-3 from 30,769 UAH. Bosch Condens 7000 ZSBR 28-3A from 51,683 UAH. Bosch Tronic 5000H PTE 30 from 26,411 UAH.

Buderus boilers

Errors that occur in Buderus gas boilers are encrypted in a special way. First, the main code is indicated (what malfunction occurred), then an additional code combination (this number uniquely identifies the malfunction signal), and at the end the malfunction class is indicated.

There are several classes:

  • O
    - operating messages during normal boiler operation;
  • R
    - non-blocking faults, in the event of which the system continues to operate;
  • B
    - blocking faults that lead to a time-limited shutdown of the heating system;
  • V
    - locking faults that block the operation of the heating system.

Buderus boilers have a special error codification system.

The list of possible errors with Buderus boilers is very extensive. However, most often the user sees the following fault codes on the service screen:

2E 357 O - air removal function active

or the temperature of the supply flow increases rapidly.

3C 217 V - the fan does not work.

Here it is important to determine at what stage the problem occurs: if the fan starts, but the relay does not click, the problem lies in the supply pipes or a clogged chimney. If the fan does not start at all, you need to check whether voltage is supplied to it. If the fan is working and there are no problems with the chimney, you need to check the pneumatic relay. Its constantly closed contacts or their opening during burner operation will also be regarded by the security system as a malfunction.

4C 224 BV - activation of the heat exchanger temperature limiter or flue gas temperature limiter.

Both sensors and the power supply to them are inspected, and if the pressure in the system is insufficient, the boiler needs to be energized. The problem may also be caused by problems with coolant circulation or an air lock.

4Y 351 BV - break in the temperature sensor.

Testing the contacts and installing a new part helps to overcome the malfunction.

6A 227 BV - flame is not recognized.

In most cases, it is better to entrust the solution to ignition problems to specialists. The simplest thing an ordinary user can do is visually inspect the combustion chamber and electrodes for contamination. If necessary, they are cleaned. And if the boiler lights up, but goes out after a while, the problem is often associated with a failure of the electronic board.

Popular Buderus boilers

Buderus Logamax Plus GB172i-24 from 36,228 UAH. Buderus Logamax plus GB062-24KD from 26,052 UAH. Buderus Logamax U072-24 from 18,555 UAH. Buderus Logamax U072-24K from 19,999 UAH. Buderus Logamax U044-24K from 17,445 UAH. Buderus Logamax Plus GB172i-14 from 32,578 UAH. Buderus Logamax Plus GB172i-14KD from 34,354 UAH. Buderus Logamax U072-35K from 22,683 UAH. Buderus Logamax plus GB172-30iK from 48,175 UAH. Buderus Logano S111-2-12 from 24,500 UAH. Buderus Logano S111-2-16 from 26,000 UAH. Buderus Logamax Plus GB172i-20KD from 37,361 UAH. Buderus Logamax plus GB172-24 T50 from 50,502 UAH. Buderus Logano S111-2-27 from 33,500 UAH. Buderus Logano S111-2-32 from 34,800 UAH. Buderus Logamax U072-35 from 21,800 UAH. Buderus Logano G221-A-30 from 165,000 UAH. Buderus Logano S131-22H from 25,455 UAH. Buderus Logano S171-50W from 89,790 UAH. Buderus Logano G211-36D from 42,000 UAH.

Hotpoint-Ariston boilers

101 - overheating protection system is triggered.

There are several main reasons for the appearance of an error code: increased pressure at the outlet of the gas valve, contamination of the coarse filter, poor circulation of the coolant in the heating system, poor flow of the heat exchanger due to scale formation, and a malfunction of the circulation pump.

108 - pressure drop in the heating circuit is below the minimum.

There is probably a leak somewhere in the system.

109 - the pressure in the system has risen above 3 bar.

An error sometimes occurs in the second heat exchanger of double-circuit boilers. Due to a malfunction, hot and cold water mix in it, which leads to an increase in pressure.

201 - there is no contact with the sensor on the supply to the DHW circuit.

You will need to tighten the contacts or replace the sensor.

302 - loss of communication with the display and electronic module.

The problem often lies in the wiring.

501 - no flame during ignition.

This is one of the most common errors. First and most importantly, check whether the gas supply valve is closed. Also, a malfunction sometimes occurs due to a broken flame sensor.

SP3 (5P3) - flame separation.

With enviable regularity, problems occur in the area of ​​the coaxial chimney. To reduce it to nothing, adjust its position and clear it of debris.

601 - lack of traction in the system.

If the sensor works correctly, you will have to start cleaning the chimney.

604 - low fan speed.

6P1, 6P2 - delay in closing the contacts of the air pressure switch.

Occurs due to damage to the Venturi tube. The difference between the codes is that 6P2 is displayed when the boiler is operating, and 6P1 - when trying to ignite an already damaged tube.

Popular Hotpoint-Ariston boilers

Hotpoint-Ariston Clas X 24 FF from 15,281 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas X 24 CF from 14,850 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Cares X 24 FF from 13,226 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Alteas X 24 CF from 19,950 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Alteas X 24 FF from 21,680 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas One 24 RDC from 24,300 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas One Syst... from 27,681 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas One 30 RDC from 24,300 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Cares X 24 CF from 13,000 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Cares Premium 24 from 21,330 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas X System… from 17,900 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Genus X 24 FF from 18,990 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas X 28 FF from 16,740 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Alteas One Net 24 from 37,773 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Alteas One Net 30 from 41,841 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas X System… from 15,435 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Genus Premium… from 114,370 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Alteas X 30 FF from 22,424 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas One 35 RDC from 25,400 UAH. Hotpoint-Ariston Clas X System… from 22,500 UAH.

Protherm boilers

F00/01 - malfunction of the heating temperature sensor.

The sensor must be checked and replaced if necessary.

F13 - boiler sensor malfunction.

Similar to the previous point.

F20 - overheating fault (temperature above 97 °C).

To eliminate the error, you need to check the circulation pump, make sure that the heating taps and bypass valve are open, and also diagnose the heat filter.

F22 - there is no coolant in the boiler.

Fill the system and make sure there are no leaks.

F24 - coolant circulation malfunction.

The problem in this case lies both in the pump and in the closed heating taps.

F26 - lack of required current through the gas valve motor.

The stepper motor needs diagnostics and subsequent replacement.


— no flame detected during ignition and loss of flame during burner operation. Here everything is the same as with peers - you need to check the opening of the gas tap yourself, and to solve more serious problems you will have to seek help from qualified specialists.

F84 - constant temperature difference between the flow and return sensors.

The sensor most likely needs to be replaced.

Popular Protherm boilers

Protherm Panther 12 KTO from 16,150 UAH. Protherm Puma Condens 18/24 MK... from 20,652 UAH. Protherm Lynx 24 from 14,599 UAH. Protherm Gepard 23 MTV from 15,261 UAH. Protherm Skat 9K from 17,899 UAH. Protherm Skat 12K from 18,290 UAH. Protherm Panther 25 KTV from 17,299 UAH. Protherm Skat 18KE/14 from 20,500 UAH. Protherm Skat 9KE/14 from 17,940 UAH. Protherm Panther 25 KOV from 16,200 UAH. Protherm Skat 12KE/14 from 18,290 UAH. Protherm Skat 6K from 17,595 UAH. Protherm Gepard 23 MOV from 15,056 UAH. Protherm Skat 6KE/14 from 17,450 UAH. Protherm Skat 14KE/14 from 19,550 UAH. Protherm Puma Condens 24/28 MK... from 21,500 UAH. Protherm Skat 14K from 19,850 UAH. Protherm Lynx 24 BA from 14,200 UAH. Protherm Lynx Condens 25/30 MKV from 25,800 UAH. Protherm Medved 50 KLOM from 32,021 UAH.

Vaillant boilers

F.10/11 - short circuit in the feed/return sensor.

The sensor needs diagnostics or replacement.

F.13/14 - short circuit in the hot start sensor.

Similar to the previous point.

F.22 - insufficient amount of water in the system or its complete absence.

In the vast majority of cases, the problem is eliminated when the system is filled with coolant.

F.28 - there is a problem with the electronic board.

F.29 - the gas burner does not light up.

One of the list of the most commonly known problems with gas boilers. Its appearance is influenced by a discrepancy between the gas inlet pressure and established standards, non-compliance with the polarity of the boiler connection, a malfunction of the gas valve or electronic board, etc.

F.36 - release of gaseous combustion products into the room.

The error occurs when the air duct or gas outlet is closed. It appears due to poor draft and ventilation, as well as due to increased temperature in the room where the boiler is installed.

F.61 - error in gas valve control.

The essence of the problem lies either in the valves themselves, the wiring to them, or in the electronic control board.

F.75 - the gas boiler pump is started, but the pressure does not change.

To correct the situation as quickly as possible, the adjustable bypass, pressure sensor, circulation pump and correct connection to the expansion tank line must be checked.

Popular Vaillant boilers

Vaillant turboTEC pro VUW 242/5-3 from 20,850 UAH. Vaillant ecoTEC pure VUW 246/7-2 from 26,800 UAH. Vaillant turboTEC pro VUW 202/5-3 from 20,450 UAH. Vaillant atmoTEC pro VUW INT 2… from 19,550 UAH. Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 9 from 19,850 UAH. Vaillant ecoTEC pure VUW 286/7-2 from 27,999 UAH. Vaillant turboTEC plus VU 202/5-5 from 23,700 UAH. Vaillant ecoTEC plus VU INT 16… from 31,100 UAH. Vaillant ecoTEC pro VUW INT 34… from 39,929 UAH. Vaillant ecoTEC plus VU INT 24… from 31,800 UAH. Vaillant ecoTEC pro VUW INT 23… from 37,970 UAH. Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 6 from 19,121 UAH. Vaillant turboTEC plus VU 242/5-5 from 24,139 UAH. Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 14 from 22,169 UAH. Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12 from 20,146 UAH. Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 28 from 25,485 UAH. Vaillant ecoTEC plus VUW INT 2… from 44,900 UAH. Vaillant ecoCOMPACT VSC 266/4-… from 78,000 UAH. Vaillant atmoTEC pro VUW INT 2… from 20,907 UAH. Vaillant atmoTEC pro VUW 240/5-3 from 20,400 UAH.

A complete list of errors and possible troubleshooting solutions, as mentioned above, should be found in the accompanying paper documentation for the heating boiler.

Warmth to your homes!

User manual

The operation of Immergas gas boilers consists of creating appropriate conditions for the unit and non-interference in its operation.

Procedures that the user can perform:

  • Adjustment of the temperature of the extract air and hot water, carried out in operating mode according to your own feelings.
  • Switching the boiler to summer or winter mode (DHW supply without heating or both functions simultaneously).
  • Draining and filling the system.
  • Cleaning the boiler body from dirt.

All other actions - annual maintenance, repairs, cleaning of the chimney or heat exchanger - must be performed by specialists from the service center.

A particularly important procedure is the repair or replacement of individual components and parts. A qualified and experienced craftsman is required here.

All adjustments are made on the control panel, which has a detailed device that allows you to simultaneously see several parameters of the boiler. This is much more convenient than on units from other manufacturers, but requires prior reading of the user manual.

All the most critical nodes are directly connected to the panel and have their own light indication.

If problems arise, the light begins to flash, signaling the need to take appropriate action.

Download instructions

Download instructions for the Immergas gas boiler.

Boiler error codes



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Heating system control. Installation. Connection. Transfer to another type of gas. Adjustment devices and protection devices.


Peculiarities. Installation and assembly. Automation components.


Technical specifications. Installation. Adjustment and checking. Maintenance.


Adjustment and protection. Installation and assembly. Pressure setting. Maintenance.




After starting, a malfunction appeared. It doesn’t want to turn on, it worked for two years, now the whole display lights up, just like when the boiler is turned on, when the self-diagnosis mode is in progress, then it clicks, turns off for miles and seconds and turns on the whole display again. It turned on once, but it gives error E10 water pressure, although the pressure in the system is 1.5 atm. Tell me, what could it be?


In operation, the Baxi main four 240 boiler shuts down with error E35 (stray flame). Tell me what to do? First season in operation.


We installed and connected the Baxi Fourtech 24 F boiler. What cold water pressure is allowed at the inlet to the DHW device?


Bosch 6000 24 kW boiler, single-circuit with built-in three-way valve. The boiler sensor does not see it and gives an error. Tell me how to do it so that it doesn’t give an error and works normally for both the heating and the boiler?


If you turn off the DHW flow sensor, maybe it will be possible to reprogram it into a single-circuit device through menu L3?


We installed an Arderia esr 2.13 ffcd boiler. If my coolant pressure drops slightly by a couple of notches over 2-3 days, could the reason be a faulty three-way valve (there are no leaks from the radiators)?


The gas boiler Arderia 2.35 is in operation. Tell me about reducing power. I heard something about modulation, fan speed, etc. Is it really possible to reduce power?



We installed and connected the Buderus Logano G234-WS-44 kW boiler, automatic Logomatic 4211. Heating is based on cylinders without hot water, and the jets for reduced gas were also replaced. We survived the winter, the cylinders were replaced, all without problems. Then in the spring, when the outside temperature was +16+18, the boiler began to turn off for a long time and when turned on, it began to display a burner error on the screen and the red button light on the front wall came on. We pressed the button, turned the power back on and everything worked. This happened several times, then the boiler was turned off completely for the summer, what could be the problem?


In the single-circuit Buderus 072, is the BKN coil circuit heated by the same heat exchanger as for heating or the same as on the 2-circuit one that is used for DHW?


Tell me, for Vaillant wall-mounted gas boilers, are there real/actual differences for the better in the new generation turboTEC plus VU/5-5 compared to /3-5?


There is a malfunction in the boiler, the green LED (power) is flashing, the instructions say that the thermal protection has tripped, the green indicator is flashing, even if nothing is connected to the board. How to fix? I checked all SMD resistors and transistors, everything is fine.


In operation there is a double-circuit gas boiler Daewoo Gasboiler with an electronic panel. When the DHW is turned on, the heating heats up, the operating mode is summer. I removed the three-way valve, there is no dirt or wear. It seems that the board does not control the three-way valve. How to check?


The Electrolux Basic Xi ​​wall-mounted boiler has been installed and connected. A problem began that the boiler stopped seeing the flame and turned off the gas supply after 7-8 seconds. And after 3 attempts it gave error E1. How can I fix it?


Koreastar boiler malfunction. The heating works perfectly, the hot water comes intermittently, when you turn on the hot water tap, cold water comes out first, then boiling water. After a few seconds it’s cool, then boiling water again. What could be the problem?


Malfunction of the Ferroli Domiproject 24 boiler - I set it to 60-70 degrees, it switches to minimum combustion, does not turn on, does not turn off. Restart is unstable. No pattern emerges. What to do?


In operation, a Junkers euroline gas boiler, when hot water is turned on, gas ignites, then goes out, and so on several times. If you turn it on while the heating is running, the water heating starts immediately. Tell me, please, what could be the problem?


Tell me about the adjustments of the gas boiler Navien Ace 16 turbo remote control v1.3. It is not possible to adjust the fan run-on. I set it to 30 seconds, but still 2 minutes. spins.


Malfunction of the Oasis ZRT18 boiler. The unit starts, the gas lights up, then goes out. It lights up again and then goes out (this happens three times). Then it lights up and works fine. It doesn't give any error. What is the reason?


Malfunction of the Senor Duval gas boiler - the water pressure sensor shows 0.0, the indicator flashes red, the hot water does not heat up, but the water pressure in the apartment is good. How to fix the problem?


Where should a condensate trap be installed in a coaxial chimney? The boiler wh1d with a closed combustion chamber is located at a distance of 1 m from the wall.


Problem starting the Westen Pulsar D boiler. Piezo ignition works, but there is no flame, error E01 after a crackling sound. I moved the fork around.


The Novella floor-standing gas boiler is blocked - the green lights on the panel are on and nothing else happens. How to fix?


An Ariston gas wall-mounted boiler has been installed and connected, which does not hold pressure at all: while cooling the heated water, the pressure drops to zero, although water is regularly filled. What about the pressure?

  • SIME

Metropolis dgt 25 bf boiler malfunction. The hot water supply has stopped working, the heating is working, it does not display an error. What do you advise?


Please tell me how to solve the problem. The Solly Standard boiler, whenever you try to turn it on or hot water, displays a GS error.

  • WOLF

Wolf boiler in operation. Lately it has begun to behave strangely: during the pause between starts, it turns on the burner for one second five times, and 70 degrees appears on the display. Where to look for a problem?

  • ACV

ACV Wester Line works very unstable: it often crashes, makes a characteristic knock and stalls when starting, but at times everything is fine. The unit is almost new, what's wrong with it?


In the gas boiler Demrad, the gas supply to the burner stopped. The piezo element clicks, but there is no ignition. There is nothing wrong with the gas stove, there is gas. What is the reason?


The Kiturami world boiler is malfunctioning and stops periodically. I clean the flame sensor and the unit works fine for a while, but soon the same thing happens again. He also began to smoke heavily. Maybe the problem is that the chimney is short, and it needs to be lengthened?



Errors of Nike Star, Eolo Star/Mini, Mythos boilers. Malfunctions of boilers with the possibility of automatic unlocking.


My boiler systematically raises the temperature to 80 degrees in winter mode. I called the repairman three times. He said that many models have this problem and suggested installing a programmer, but it’s not certain that it will help. Tell me how to solve this problem and will this programmer help?

  • AOGV

Models 11.6; 17.4; 23.2; 29.3 kW. Specifications. Control elements of the automation unit. Installation and maintenance. Malfunctions and their elimination.


The AOGV gas boiler was installed and put into operation. Problem with hot water supply. The heat exchanger was washed. Less than a month has passed and the water is not flowing again. We put a filter on the water, but time passed, and again there was no hot water. What kind of breakdown could this be?

  • AGV

Installation and installation. Start-up and adjustment. Malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

  • AKGV

Technical specifications. Installation and connections. Startup and operating procedure. Automatic adjustments.


The boiler Neva Lux 7023 is malfunctioning. It gives error E7 twice a month. But after reboot it still works. Now it gives error E6. It will work for 15 minutes and turn off. What could it be?

  • ROSS

Design and automation unit. Ignition order. Malfunctions and repairs.


Tell me, is it possible that due to low gas pressure the Atem Zhytomyr boiler goes out, a click occurs and goes out. What is the problem? Is it possible to temporarily disable automation and how?


We installed a Lemax KSG-12.5 Premium gas boiler. After turning off the main burner, a clicking sound occurs after a couple of minutes, what is the reason? Tell me?


A KS-G gas boiler of 250 sq.m. was installed and connected. m. When ignited, it does not turn off, the temperature rises, if I am not mistaken, automatic Arbat 1. The flame is not regulated - it is too large. What to do?


I installed the Mayak gas boiler and connected it. It works fine. But the reason is this. When it works on unit it squeaks a lot, if you turn the knob 2-7 the squeak disappears. Tell me, what could it be?


We installed and connected a Danko gas boiler with automatic Kare, it works great on the igniter, but as soon as you add power to the burner, it goes out completely, yesterday it went out within 5 minutes, today it works for about 20 minutes and goes out completely. Has anyone encountered this problem?


The gaseko 18 boiler is in operation. When hot water is turned on, the pressure in the system drops after replenishment, the pressure reaches 3 bar. Have to reset. What's wrong, how to fix it?


Water often boils in the boiler, causing it to fail due to overheating. The heat exchanger was recently washed, the system is not clogged. What's the matter?


Rinnai 167 RMF boiler malfunction. Recently I started showing error 14. How can I fix the problem?


The Celtic DS boiler heats up to 45 degrees and sits all day, does not turn off and does not heat the batteries, sometimes it shows error A3. How can I fix this problem?

  • MORA

The hot water pressure in the Mora Top boiler has dropped. What is the reason?


The Seoul gas wall-mounted boiler stopped turning on due to a no-ignition error. How can it be eliminated? What exactly went wrong?

How to set up a boiler correctly

The Immergas boiler is configured in service mode. It is performed during the first launch or after repair work .

All gas boilers undergo bench testing and adjustment at the enterprise, so before starting they only adjust the basic parameters of the unit to obtain maximum efficiency under the existing conditions and reduce fuel consumption.

Usually customized:

  • DHW and DHW temperatures (upper and lower limits).
  • Gas pressure (upper and lower limits corresponding to the supply mode in the main).
  • DHW and DHW pressure in the respective circuits.

Special boiler power settings are made mechanically on the gas valve. The maximum and minimum levels are set, forming the range of operating parameters of the unit.

On the control panel, only the maximum power of the heating mode is adjusted, for which you enter the service menu and set the required values.

The boiler does not start (the burner does not turn on)

Problems with starting the burner are usually caused by the gas valve.

If there is gas in the line and the power supply is properly connected, situations often arise when there is a spark, but the burner does not want to burn.

Here you should inspect the gas valve, check the wires and contacts on the safety coils (or shut-off coils).

As a rule, after restoring contacts and restarting the boiler, the problem can be successfully resolved.

Why does the pressure in the boiler drop?

The main reason for the pressure drop is coolant leakage.

Various reasons may be involved here:

  • The boiler drain valve or one of the system radiators is open . If this happens, the coolant is constantly removed from the system, which causes a drop in pressure. The solution to the problem is obvious - close the tap, or repair it.
  • A leak has appeared and the coolant is leaking into it . This case is much more difficult, since the leak cannot be detected immediately. Sometimes it is found only by wet spots on the floor or ceiling of neighbors. A detected leak is immediately eliminated by replacing the pipeline or the problematic radiator.
  • Failure of the expansion tank membrane. In such a situation, the pressure drop continues only until the entire volume of the tank is completely filled with liquid. After this, the pressure stabilizes for a short time and then begins to increase to a critical value. These signs are usually used to identify the problem. The solution is to replace the expansion tank (or repair it if possible).
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