Installation of a fireplace with a water heating circuit
Diagram and principle of operation of a fireplace stove with a water circuit
A fireplace with a water circuit is the result of a combination of traditional stoves and solid fuel boilers. Its function
Heat transfer from heating radiators table
Cast iron heating radiators for a private home
Indicators that influence the calculation of the number of sections When choosing a radiator for a particular room, you need
corundum facade
Thermal insulation paint CORUND Facade liquid ultra-thin (packing: 10 l)
Not so long ago, many years of development by domestic manufacturers were crowned with success - a ceramic ultra-thin
Sheet fire-resistant non-combustible material
What materials are non-flammable? The group of non-combustible materials includes those that are in the process of
DIY ceramic chimney installation: instructions, tips and guides
Properties and features of ceramic pipes Ceramic products have properties that make them stand out
Hot water supply without loss: domestic hot water system of a residential building and its regulation
The difference in using hot water between a country house and an apartment mainly lies in
Selection of copper pipes, their characteristics, service life and application
What is a copper pipe Copper pipes are considered the most expensive. They are pink-red in color, with a smooth,
Geyser built into the kitchen cabinet
Geyser: principle of operation, types and advantages of gas structures
What influences the choice of a specific device Gas, with all its convenience and emission indicator
Exhaust hood for the kitchen: arrangement of ventilation structures
The kitchens of each HoReCa establishment (hotel and restaurant business) are necessarily equipped with a high-quality ventilation system, which guarantees fast
how to hide a hood in the kitchen under a suspended ceiling
How to hide a hood pipe in the kitchen under a suspended ceiling
Why hide pipes There are two types of kitchen hoods. Circulating hoods that purify the air with
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