Infrared heater: pros and cons of the device

Where is it used?

Infrared heaters are widely used today. Depending on the characteristics, functionality and options, they are used to solve the following problems:

  • For organizing main and auxiliary heating;
  • When arranging spot heating of certain areas indoors;
  • For the purpose of heating a specific area in an open space - a playground, an outdoor cafe and others;
  • For mass and outdoor events that are held outdoors and indoors;
  • When carrying out construction work in winter.

In addition to the areas discussed, infrared heaters are great for apartments, cottages, houses, garages, heating chicken coops and greenhouses.

Device classification

Classification of infrared heaters occurs according to several parameters:

  • Energy source;
  • Radiation range;
  • Installation type.

By radiation range

If we consider IR heaters by radiation range, the following types are distinguished - short-, medium- and long-wave. What is the reason for this?

The heating elements that are located inside can produce different wavelengths and also have different heating temperatures.

Let's take a closer look at each type:

  • Long-wave - devices emitting waves with a length of 5.6-100 microns. The temperature is in the range of 100-600 degrees Celsius. Scope of application: house, apartment, offices and other objects where the ceiling height does not exceed 3 meters. If we are talking about an apartment, a product with a temperature of up to 150 C is enough to heat it.
  • Medium wave - heating elements having a wavelength in the range of 2.5-5.6 microns. The operating temperature is higher - 600-1000 C. Heaters with such radiation are used in office premises, homes, industrial buildings and other facilities where the ceiling height is 3-6 m. This can be an administrative building or a private home.
  • Short-wave - elements for heating with a wavelength from 0.74 to 2.5 microns. Temperature - from 100 C. The ceiling height should be more than 6-8 m. Such infrared heaters are used in a factory or factory workshop and can be useful in open areas.

By installation type

Depending on the type of installation, IR heaters are available in three types: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and floor-mounted.

The first and last option is used in apartments, outdoors, in the office and garage, and ceiling infrared heaters are most often installed in industrial premises and, for example, a chicken coop, greenhouse, service station, garage, etc.

By energy source

If we classify infrared heaters by energy source, there are three types:

  • Gas infrared heaters.
  • Diesel.
  • Electrical.

Types of IR heaters

When you come to a hardware store, you receive minimal information about how the device works - many sellers place the main emphasis on price/promotions and payment methods. It’s important for me now to give you knowledge, and not to earn a bonus from you.

Infrared heaters differ in:

  • Type of installation (floor, wall, ceiling, mobile).
  • Type of fuel (electricity, gas, water, diesel).
  • Types of heating element.

The last parameter is worth considering in more detail.

  1. The most popular type is the classic lamp fireplace. Its emitter spirals can be made of stainless steel, aluminum or ceramics. The first option is the cheapest. The second is more reliable, and the third is more environmentally friendly and economical. Lamp infrared heaters can be installed anywhere - on the wall, floor, ceiling. They have one thing in common - they are always visible.
  2. Film-type devices are used to insulate a house during the construction phase. Special plates of resistive foil are glued under the thermal insulation. Most often - under the roof or on the ceiling. The film emitter distributes heat more evenly, and thanks to the coating of the walls, you do not feel the direct impact of IR.
  3. Nowadays, plasterboard infrared panels are gaining more and more popularity. If you have such a system installed, guests will never understand with the naked eye that you have heating at all. But they will feel it. Plasterboard heaters are installed during general renovation as elements of wall decoration. The heater in this system is a carbon filament stretched over the panel area. Its ends are fixed on metal plates connected to the power source.

The last two heating systems are capable of heating large rooms with high ceilings without forced air circulation. This eliminates drafts and cold areas (for example, when it is hot above and cold below).

The lamp type of fireplace works more like a point heater, with radiation directed at the object.

Pros of infrared heaters

A clear advantage of infrared heaters is their simple design and low price, compared to oil and convection heaters, which have a larger number of internal parts. But there are other advantages.

Direct heating

Other types of heaters use a two-stage heating system: first, the device heats the air, and the walls and the person heat up from the increased room temperature. Therefore, by expending a certain power, the equipment transfers less heat to the end consumer.

With infrared heaters, thermal radiation acts directly on the user, bypassing the air. Of course, the latter also gradually heats up, but this already occurs from warm walls and objects. Therefore, the electrical energy expended is completely transferred to the heat received by a person.

High heating rate

It takes about 30 minutes for a person to feel warm from the switched-on oil radiator. Time is spent heating the oil with an electric heating element, then the air in the room, and only then the user.

With convector models this happens a little faster, but the process is still complicated by the fact that warm air heated from the panel rises upward, and the person, remaining lower, continues to experience discomfort. And only when the entire air volume is heated and mixed, then you can warm up.

Infrared heaters begin to give off heat immediately after heating the coil, which takes 27 seconds. After this time, heat rays shine on the user, warming him up. When you come home from work, you don’t need to sit for a long time in a cold room, but you can immediately create a comfortable mini-climate.


Since IR heaters do not need to heat the entire room, they can be used at a lower power level compared to other types. For example, for oil heating it is optimal to use 1500-2000 W to warm up a large bedroom. It is enough for an IR device to consume 500 W when directed at the consumer. Even this simple example shows that energy consumption is reduced by 30-75% depending on the settings and distance from the user.

No convection air currents

According to the law of physics, warm air from other types of heaters always rises, and the lower a person is, the colder it is.

The directed heat from an infrared heater falls to a specific location, regardless of the altitude. IR rays do not propagate from bottom to top, but along a given vector, being directed by a reflector.

Operating principle of an infrared heater

The principle of operation of the heater is to quickly heat objects and walls in the room. The air temperature increases from heated furniture and other surfaces and, according to physical laws, begins to spread throughout the room. Therefore, the heating effect is felt just a few minutes after turning on the device. Drafts and humidity do not affect the operation of the heater.

Models with different placements are available. Everyone can choose the best option for themselves. If the area is small, then a wall-mounted installation is more suitable. To capture a larger area, it is recommended to use a ceiling view. You can also choose a floor-standing model.

Infrared heaters represent the only type of additional heat source that is used in open areas: cafes, children's sports grounds, etc.

Cons of infrared heaters

Despite all the advantages of infrared heaters, compared to oil or convection heaters, this type of equipment still has disadvantages. They are insignificant, but they should be taken into account when choosing a heating device for an office, home or apartment, since this will affect ease of use and safety.

Rapid decrease in temperature when the heater is turned off

If you turn off the oil heater, the heat from the heated liquid will continue to spread throughout the room for some time. This allows you to alternate intervals of activity and inactivity of the device so that it consumes less electricity, but does not stop heating.

Infrared heaters give off heat only when turned on. As soon as the voltage stops flowing to the heating element, the radiant heat stops. The user immediately feels cool. If the device has been working in the room for a long time, so that the walls and objects have time to heat up, then the comfortable temperature will last a little longer. When turned on for a short time, as soon as the device is turned off, it will immediately become cold.

Uneven heating

Another disadvantage of an infrared heater is uneven heating. All his work, due to the use of electromagnetic waves in the infrared range, has a directional effect. As a result, in a room with an area of ​​5x5 m, the heat will be felt by those people who are in the zone affected by the heater. The rest will be cool. For example, if in a children's room there are two beds in different corners, then you will have to place them side by side or use two IR devices at once.

Uneven heating also manifests itself in the fact that radiant heat warms the area like light from a flashlight - wherever it hits. Therefore, on the one hand, the human body may even feel hot, and on the other, the coolness of the surrounding air can be felt. When operating the device in the open air, you will have to periodically rearrange it or turn it yourself to keep warm from all sides.

Negative effects on humans with prolonged intense exposure

In general, IR heaters are safe for health, but problems can arise if you stay under a high-temperature device that is constantly on for a long time. It’s the same as sitting under the sun for a long time - you won’t be able to tan from the infrared rays, but the concentrated heat will dry out the skin, and the body will not have time to compensate for the loss of moisture by removing sweat in this place. Overdried skin can then bake and peel. Therefore, it is not recommended to sit with one side of your body exposed to a constantly turned on heater.

Disadvantages of IR heaters

The main drawback is that it is not possible to use them as the main heating for the home. For example, they are able to heat only the area where they shine light and begin to heat objects. These objects begin to give off their heat, and the room begins to warm up. However, in reality, it turns out that only those objects that fall within the range of action heat up, the rest remain cold.

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Disadvantages of IR heaters

In addition, spot heating is another serious drawback, because the heat will only be where the heater is working. For example, by installing it above the bed, it will always be comfortable to be there. Getting out of bed, every person will feel seriously cold. Therefore, such disadvantages are serious, and before purchasing it is worth weighing the pros and cons of such a device.

Review of popular models

Let's look at the most popular heater models.

Floor heater Neoclima NC-CH-3000 – average price 5,000 rubles

Heater Neoclima NC-CH-3000

This heater has high power (3 kW), thanks to which it can be used to heat a room up to 30 square meters. 3 operating modes allow you to quickly reach the desired temperature while saving energy. The safety feature deserves special attention here: the device will turn off if it tips over. Accordingly, you are not afraid of fires and other troubles.

Ceiling IR heater Timberk TCH A1N 1500 – price 4,500 rubles

Ceiling IR heater Timberk TCH A1N 1500

According to reviews from many buyers, this is one of the best models in the price/quality category. The heater is suitable for heating a room with an area of ​​up to 16 square meters. The optimal distance for placing the device is 2.7 m. Naturally, from such a distance it is difficult to switch modes. But the manufacturer also provided for this by developing a remote control for this model. However, it will need to be purchased separately. We recommend doing this, because getting to the ceiling every time to switch modes is not very convenient.

Among the safety features, it is worth noting the presence of a waterproof case and a shutdown function when overheating.

Portable heater Ballu BHH/M – 09 – cost 800 rubles

Portable heater Ballu BHH/M – 09

And this model wins the category of the most inexpensive and high-quality portable one. The heater has a power of 0.9 kW, which allows you to heat an area of ​​up to 9 square meters. Accordingly, such a device can be installed in a small room. But most often it is used as an additional source of heating.0

Despite the low price, the device is equipped with a built-in thermostat and an overheat shutdown option. Among the shortcomings, some consumers note that the color of the glow is too bright. But, you see, for such a price this is not too serious a minus.

Tips for choosing an infrared heater

Heaters should be purchased only in specialized stores. The guarantee of safe operation will be the manufacturer's warranty. If there is none, you should refuse the purchase. Particular attention is paid to the composition from which the body is made. It should not contain toxic substances, because when heated they will evaporate components harmful to health.

The power must be selected based on the dimensions of the room. You should not purchase a heater with too much power, as its rays can have a negative impact on your well-being.

When choosing, you should give preference to a well-known brand. Status manufacturers will not risk their reputation by using low-quality parts or harmful materials in production.

Briefly about infrared heaters


An infrared heater is a heater that emits heat in the form of infrared rays. It does not heat the air around it, but only emits heat rays. In order for heat rays to appear, the device must be heated.

Heating occurs due to water, gas or electricity. To avoid heating the air around the device, it is necessary to ensure that the air near the heater does not circulate. Therefore, IK heaters are most often placed on the ceiling (horizontally to the floor).

There is a common misconception that IR rays are harmful to health. If you remember the physics textbook for the eighth grade, you can confidently say that this is not so. Infrared rays surround us everywhere. Any object that emits heat is an IR heater.

The biggest IR heater is the sun. We ourselves are IR heaters because we emit heat. From a fire safety point of view, IR heaters are completely safe .

Firstly, they are made of non-flammable materials and metal. Secondly, most models are located on the ceiling and are not in direct contact with anything, so they are not capable of igniting anything.

Recommendations on how to avoid the harmful effects of infrared rays

• You cannot stay under the rays of the device for a long time.

• Do not point the device at your head or eyes. Prolonged exposure to the glow can negatively affect your health.

• Installation should be carried out strictly according to the parameters specified in the instructions.

• In domestic premises, use only long-wave types of heaters.

• Do not install the device in children's rooms and bedrooms.

• If infrared heaters are installed in production areas, workers' clothing should cover as much skin as possible.

According to scientists, infrared systems are not capable of causing harm to the health of people and animals if the basic requirements are not violated during operation.

Infrared heaters: pros and cons, price


Advantages of IR heaters:

  • do not burn oxygen and do not dry out the air;
  • with correctly selected power, they are safe for health;
  • quickly heat the room;
  • Possibility of mounting on the ceiling or wall (does not interfere with your feet);
  • fireproof;
  • long service life;
  • do not overheat the air under the ceiling.


  1. Only a certain area of ​​the room is heated (under the rays).
  2. Slight noise (especially noticeable at night).
  3. Red light that some models emit (disturbs at night).
  4. IR heaters are usually quite large.

As for the cost, it is determined based on the type of heater, its power, and brand. The price of IR heaters ranges from 2 thousand to 9 thousand rubles .

Infrared heaters: reviews from the forum

I have been using the Almak heater for a long time; I have these installed in every room. I bought it on the recommendation of my neighbors and am very pleased! There is nothing complicated in the installation, the main thing is to connect it correctly through the thermostat.

It will take 30–40 minutes to install each device. Someone here on the forum writes that it does not heat - I disagree! It warms zonally, but this zone is not small. The IK-16 model is a two-meter panel, and if you place it in the center of the room, the heat covers almost the entire room. Nice model!

Ilya. Perm.

My review of the T.D. Nikaten heater. Looks stylish, the price is reasonable. We bought it while looking at our friends. Doesn't eat oxygen, efficiency is quite high. We use it in the house.

Sergey. Novosibirsk city.

We recently purchased an IR heater for our garage. Since it is installed on the ceiling, it does not take up space, but it warms up the room well. We were surprised by the quality of the models. Well, in operation the device justifies itself. This was a great solution for my garage!

Andrey. Voronezh.

How to choose infrared heaters

When deciding which infrared heater to choose for heating a house or apartment, you should pay attention to the type of heating element of the device. They come in three types:

  • quartz;
  • metal;
  • ceramic.

Infrared heater device

Helpful information! It is not advisable to install halogen infrared heating devices in residential areas. They emit infrared waves in a short range, which can negatively affect a person’s well-being.

Quartz heating elements consist of a quartz tube and a carbon spiral. Devices with such a heating element heat up quickly and have a high efficiency. Their disadvantage is their relatively short service life, about two to three years. In addition, they consume a lot of electricity and glow in the dark.

Advantages of infrared devices

I will probably never get tired of describing the advantages of IR devices. Firstly, this is a truly unique device, akin to solar panels. Secondly, such a heating system is environmentally friendly; it fits harmoniously into the natural way of life.

  • The main advantage of IR rays in household appliances is that they do not dry the air. This property helps maintain normal humidity in residential areas.
  • Infrared heaters are much more economical than oil heaters. Judge for yourself - to heat a room of 20 m2, IR radiation requires a power of 900 W, while a classic electric fireplace will “eat up” at least 2 kW.
  • Heating speed. Since heat is received by objects rather than air, it dissipates more slowly.
  • There are no drafts or clouds of dust - the air does not dry out, and circulation occurs exclusively naturally.

  • An important plus is quiet operation. Hidden panels make themselves known only by the fact that the room is warm. There cannot be any extraneous noise, clicks, or squeaks. IR heaters simply do not have such details.
  • No harmful emissions. When heating with infrared radiation there are no combustion products. The system is completely environmentally friendly.
  • High security. These heaters do not care about power surges or spontaneous unplanned power outages. So you can safely leave your home without worrying about a possible fire.
  • IR rays carry out a kind of quartzing, killing harmful microbes. It is by destroying pathogenic microflora that the devices eliminate dampness. While fan heaters dry the air, reducing the “useful” humidity.
  • Possibility of local heating. When installing the device in a certain area, you can not only insulate it, but also maintain a stable temperature there.
  • Automatic control (connected during installation).
  • Complete elimination of burns - the heat-emitting element does not heat above 50°C.
  • Lightweight and compact mobile fireplaces.
  • The long service life of film heaters is up to 30 years.
  • No exposure.

At first glance, the price of such devices may seem higher than that of oil or convector radiators. But calculate how much you will save on electricity, additional air humidifiers and exhausts for combustion products, and you will agree that IR heaters are one of the cheapest.

In contrast to all the advantages of infrared units, there is an established opinion in society that they are dangerous to human health. Let's just say there is a fine line between benefit and harm.

Are infrared heaters harmful to health?

The decisive factor in choosing an IR device should not only be price. The pros and cons of infrared heaters should also be considered in the context of human health. That is why you should know these important facts about the effects of infrared radiation:

  • infrared waves destroy harmful microorganisms and bacteria;
  • radiation has a positive effect when restoring the body after serious illnesses and injuries;

IR waves accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues and have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system

  • with prolonged exposure to infrared radiation, the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes become dry;
  • IR waves can harm the retina and lens of the eye.

Safety precautions and features of the location of infrared heaters

When using infrared equipment, you need to take into account the features of its location, as well as the rules for safe use.

High-quality infrared heaters, selected and placed in accordance with established safety rules, will not cause harm to health. They will provide high comfort and energy savings.

Modern infrared units are quite efficient, hygienic and do not require special maintenance. Due to their high heating efficiency, such devices not only create warmth in the room, but also bring health benefits. Buying such equipment is a really good choice.

TOP 10 best infrared heater

Infrared heaters quite often help out, so the demand for them is high, and accordingly, so is the supply. We have processed a large amount of available information and selected the ten best heaters.

  • Nikaten NT 300.
  • Ballu BIH-APL-0.6.
  • Hintek IW-03.
  • Hyundai H-HC3-06-UI999.
  • Ballu BIH-S2-0.3.
  • Bagan REN-5.
  • Ballu BIH-LM-1.5.
  • Peony Thermoglass Ceramic-10.
  • Ballu BHH/M-10.

Below we will consider in detail the selected models.

Nikaten NT 300

An infrared heater for a cottage or residential building can act as a main or additional heating element. Can be installed absolutely on any vertical non-flammable surfaces. The front side is a monolithic ceramic plate, and the back side is made of metal with convection holes. This design heats the room much more efficiently than other types of competitors.

Ceramic retains accumulated heat much longer, unlike plastic or metal, so heat transfer occurs even up to 45 minutes after shutdown. In tandem with a thermostat, the heater can save up to 80% of electricity.

Heating power300 W
Heated area6 m²
Operating mode1
Weight11 kg
Dimensions60×40×4 cm
Guarantee5 years

Price: from 2,980 to 3,440 rubles.

heater Nikaten NT 300


  • does not take up much space, thickness is only 4 cm;
  • 45 minutes after switching off it releases heat;
  • made of natural materials (metal and ceramics);
  • possibility of working with a thermostat.


  • only one operating mode.

We needed to buy an infrared heater during the process of home renovation. We live in the north and the cold is severe. We were saved by the Nikaten ceramic panel. Installation could not be easier, it heats perfectly and leaves no marks on the wall. Completely safe and the price is small for such pleasure! Nikaten makes only the best infrared heaters!

Ballu BIH-APL-0.6

An infrared ceiling heater is simply ideal in rooms with low ceilings. It is used as main and additional heating, as well as in cleaning various surfaces from ice, drying and heating materials.

During operation it does not produce a burning smell, does not burn oxygen and does not dry out the air. All necessary fasteners are supplied with the device. It is designed to work together with a thermostat. The side plates are made of stainless steel, the shape of the case is protected by Russian patents.

Weight2.2 kg
Operating modes1
Power600 W
Square6 m²
Size88.5×4×13 cm
Warranty service2 years

Approximate price: from 1,613 to 2,738 rubles.

heater Ballu BIH-APL-0.6


  • built-in overheating protection;
  • tilt angle can be adjusted;
  • A thermostat connection is provided.


  • only one operating mode;
  • Thermostat is not included.

I bought several of these infrared Ballu for my store, otherwise the sales girls are freezing, and the utility services still haven’t provided heat. Even sales have fallen. Seven pieces per 50 m² were enough for normal temperatures and the microclimate did not deteriorate at all. There is no unpleasant smell, no noise, everything is fine.

Hintek IW-03

The Hintek infrared wall heater is compact in size and has a modern, elegant design. The device is quickly installed and used for high-quality heating of rooms with various configurations.

The unit heats up smoothly and is protected from dust and splashing water (IP54); it is also possible to order a special version with IP66 protection. Use is permitted in any premises, except that it is recommended for use in children's institutions.

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Adjusting modes1
Heating power300 W
Maximum surface heating60-100°С
Dimensions70×40×5 cm
Weight3.3 kg
Heating area6 m²
Warranty service12 months

Average price: from 2,477 to 2,986 rubles.

heater Hintek IW-03


  • has protection against dust and moisture (IP54);
  • built-in overheating protection;
  • The ribbed back wall promotes even energy distribution.


  • works only in one mode.

I installed a wall-mounted infrared several months ago and have never had any complaints about its performance. I hung it in the coldest room of the apartment. All winter we save ourselves only by its warmth, since the room is large and there are not enough ordinary batteries. Even a large room heats up very quickly.

Hyundai H-HC3-06-UI999

Heating device in a nice white plastic case. There is a convenient carrying handle on top, and a folding support on the bottom, ensuring the stability of the device on the surface.

Two quartz tubes are used as heating elements, instantly heating up furnishings. There are two buttons mounted under the window with the heaters that are responsible for their operation. The device's safety system includes a safety net, an overheat lock, and an automatic shutdown if dropped.

Heated space10 m²
Maximum power600 W
Weight0.76 kg
Dimensions32×23.5×8.7 cm
Heating levels2
Guarantee period1 year

Price range: from 572 to 990 rubles.

heater Hyundai H-HC3-06-UI999


  • ability to work in two modes;
  • built-in overheating protection and tip-over shutdown;
  • convenient carrying handle.


  • not found.

The infrared heater has excellent reviews on the Internet. We bought it for the store's back room. The room is small, only eight square meters, it heats well and quite quickly, it is located in the corner. Switches off when tipped over, great for small spaces! The best option!

Ballu BIH-S2-0.3

Infrared heater bih-S2-0.3 is an excellent representative of directional-type ceiling heaters. Suitable for heating retail and office premises with Armstrong ceiling, since its dimensions are designed to fit the ceiling cell.

The design is lightweight and does not require reinforcement of the ceiling fastenings. A new heating element based on the principle of a cable heated floor is used here. The device has IP54 protection against moisture and dust and can be suspended from cables in Armstrong’s absence.

Operating mode1
Heated space6 m²
Thermal power300 W
Weight3.4 kg
Size59×59×3.5 cm
Guarantee5 years

Price range: from 1,722 to 3,488 rubles.

heater Ballu BIH-S2-0.3


  • The device has dust and moisture protection IP54;
  • efficiency is determined by double thermal insulation with additional shielding;
  • can be suspended on cables; Armstrong is not necessary.


  • One heating level is provided.

I bought it for installation in my cafe. They installed it quickly; there was no need to reinforce the ceiling - the elements were lightweight. There was no need to redo anything either; it was installed in the suspended ceiling. The room warms up evenly. In terms of energy consumption, they are not costly. They worked well for one season, I hope they will continue to do so.

Bagan REN-5

The heater has the form of thin plates one millimeter thick. It uses fundamentally new distributed electric heaters. These are new generation heaters with an unlimited service life and a high heat transfer coefficient.

The technology has no foreign analogues. Lightweight, economical, fiberglass heaters are used as main or additional heating devices in domestic, office and industrial premises.

Number of heating levels1
Weight1 kg
Dimensions80×60 cm
Power500 W
Square15-20 m²
Guarantee period5 years

Prices: from 1,990 to 3,890 rubles.

heater Bagan REN-5


  • the thin design does not steal free space at all;
  • high heat transfer coefficient (heats 15-20 m²);
  • According to the manufacturer, the service life is at least 10 years.


  • only one level of work.

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An excellent infrared heater, the price is even too low in my opinion. I purchased it quite recently, about a couple of months have passed, but I can already say with confidence that the item is excellent. Fits into the interior like a glove, does not produce noise or smell. The result is a decorative element that also warms the room well. I am very pleased with the purchase!


The heater is characterized by ease of installation and operation, as well as absolute safety for humans. Heating occurs in a matter of seconds, and the oxygen level does not decrease.

The equipment can be installed on equal terms both in a residential building and in an office building. The installation itself is carried out on the ceiling or wall according to your desire. The model provides for connecting any type of thermostat and remote control. The case is protected from overheating by natural mineral filler.

Heating power1000 W
Impact area20 m²
Weight3.4 kg
Size136×13×4.5 cm
Guarantee period3 years

Price tag: from 2,650 to 3,200 rubles.



  • has protection against moisture and dust IP20;
  • corresponds to electrical safety class I;
  • wall or ceiling installation optional;
  • It is possible to connect a thermostat and a remote control.


  • It only works in one mode.

Domestic infrared ceiling heater with the ability to install a thermostat, and with protection and safety class. And all this for ridiculous money - I bought it without hesitation! Now it sits in my garage, keeping me and my friends warm on Friday nights. I am completely satisfied with the product, the guys also decided to buy one.

Ballu BIH-LM-1.5

The mobile infrared heater Vallu is used mainly for heating construction sites, utility rooms, garages and workshops, but if desired, it can easily be used at home or in the country.

It has a metal body with a portable handle on the top edge. In addition, a special support is attached to it with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination. After removing it, the equipment can be easily hung on the wall. Inside there are three quartz lamps protected by a chrome grille. Two keys for selecting operating modes are mounted on the right side.

Guarantee period2 years
Number of modes3
Power density1500 W
Heating area25 m²
Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions35×46×31.5 cm

Cost: from 2,390 to 4,879 rubles.

heater Ballu BIH-LM-1.5


  • There are three operating modes;
  • In addition to floor installation, it can be hung on the wall;
  • operates using a combined convective-infrared heating system;
  • Automatically switches off when tipped over.


  • not detected.

Very powerful equipment, you must use it wisely and do not place flammable objects too close. The warmth can be felt even at a distance of 4-5 meters. The warmth is simply amazing, you can work without clothes or sleep without a blanket. This thing helps us a lot at construction sites!

Peony Thermoglass Ceramic-10

The heating device is dedicated to lovers of minimalism in the interior. Thanks to its laconic and elegant design, the device will fit well into a modern environment. It is a one-piece ultra-thin glass-ceramic plate.

The efficiency reaches 97%, while energy savings are up to 40%. Designed for mounting to the ceiling at a height of 1.8 to 3 meters. It is not recommended to touch the equipment while it is on, as the heating temperature reaches 200°C.

Heated area20 m²
Thermal power1000 W
Weight4.6 kg
Dimensions80.5×29.5×1 cm
Warranty cardfor 3 years

Average cost: from 5,550 to 5,850 rubles.

heater Peony Thermoglass Ceramic-10


  • has protection class IP54;
  • control occurs on an external thermostat;
  • installed on a wall or ceiling.


  • The power cord must be purchased separately.

I hung it in the store's office a week ago. An excellent option for your money. It heats well and does not consume relatively much electricity. I attached it to the ceiling myself. It is not heavy and easy to install. I was also pleased with the quality of materials and workmanship. The manufacturer clearly did not save money. Well, I’ll also just note the appearance, it looks decent. Worth the money's worth.

Ballu BHH/M-10

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The heating equipment is dressed without any frills in a black plastic case and is equipped with a convenient handle at the top. Control occurs by two switches at the bottom of the case; there are two operating modes: 400 W and 800 W.

The heating elements are two quartz tubes, which, when turned on, instantly heat up and begin to warm the room up to 14 m². The electrical appliance is equipped with an automatic shutdown system in case of overturning and overheating.

Job levels2
Power800 W
Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions37×30.5×13.6 cm
Guarantee period12 months
Room area14 m²

Estimated cost: from 961 to 1,623 rubles.

heater Ballu BHH/M-10


  • automatic shutdown when tipping over;
  • overheat protection;
  • the heaters are protected by a metal mesh.


  • not found.

We have a small, unheated kitchen, so we had to decide something in the fall. As a result, we bought this Balu, we turn it on in the morning and evening. The power is enough to quickly heat 10 m². The tip-over protection is made in the form of a button on the bottom, which is pressed when you place it on the floor. The device is good, I can confidently recommend it to everyone.

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