Fireclay and red stone for the stove
Arrangements for stoves, fireplaces and barbecues
What are the advantages and features? Fireplace stove, the order of which is selected in each specific case
foundation for a Russian stove
Do-it-yourself sauna stoves - installation with examples
Rules for calculating the foundation for a furnace The main parameters of the foundation are length, width and depth.
Sandwich panel
Insulation of the first floor floor: technologies and insulation materials
Technical description Extruded polystyrene foam is made from foamed polymer mass with flame retardants and other additives.
Heat transfer from heating radiators table
Cast iron heating radiators for a private home
Indicators that influence the calculation of the number of sections When choosing a radiator for a particular room, you need
Gas stove for home - convenient heating
Author: Yuri Fedorovich Kolesnikov, thermal power engineer The gas furnace is currently of particular interest. Straightaway
corundum facade
Thermal insulation paint CORUND Facade liquid ultra-thin (packing: 10 l)
Not so long ago, many years of development by domestic manufacturers were crowned with success - a ceramic ultra-thin
Grundfos UPS pump
TOP 15 best Grundfos pumps: rating 2020-2021 and which well pump to choose
Technical characteristics The main technical characteristics for such units are: They distinguish between the total pump power, and
Wooden entrance doors
How to insulate a wooden entrance door with your own hands (photo and video)
When summer ends, many begin to think about how to somehow insulate their homes. But
Choosing a wood-burning stove for a garage - basic recommendations
By what principle does the garage cool down? What is the ratio: square-cube. About this heating engineering parameter
How to make a heated floor under tiles with your own hands
Do you need waterproofing in the bathroom under tiles? Ceramic, tiles, porcelain tiles - all of these
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