Solving problems with a heating battery: how to bleed the air, how to wash the inside, weight of the cast iron battery section
How to bleed air from a battery with a Mayevsky tap The Mayevsky tap is designed to simplify removal
Why is a Mayevsky tap installed in heating systems?
Dissolved air enters the heating system along with the coolant. Accumulating in significant quantities, oxygen
Advantages and characteristics of penofol varieties
Penofol is an insulation material defined as a heat-noise-moisture-insulating material. Made from environmentally friendly substances,
Living and dead water or electrochemical activation
Water disinfection by direct electrolysis What is direct electrolysis of water? The passage of electric current through the workpiece
IR rays in remote controls
The benefits and harms of infrared radiation
Infrared radiation is a natural type of radiation. Every person is exposed to it every day. Huge
Extruded polystyrene foam
Technical characteristics of extruded polystyrene foam
In the field of construction and repair, you can often hear about such a material as extruded
Fum tape for water - how to use
What is fum tape? The tape is a thin narrow film, for the production of which fluoroplastic is used.
What to do if there is no heating?
Where should I complain if the heating is not turned on?
Why are the batteries cold? Many apartment residents often have the question of where to complain if there is no heating.
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