All buildings built in Soviet times are united by one parameter - they have low resistance to heat transfer. In the face of declining natural reserves for heating, the government decided to put the problem of insulating buildings on the citizens themselves. Practice has shown that external or internal insulation of buildings allows you to save heating costs by almost 40-60%.

First of all, the roof is insulated, and then the remaining elements of the building. Why the roof? Warm air always rises to the roof. Insulation products in Kolomna have been coping well with this problem for a long time. For example, the best material for insulation is considered to be stone wool from the manufacturer TechnoNIKOL. The company has been presenting its products on the construction markets for decades.

All products are distinguished by high thermal insulation qualities and fire safety. In addition, the materials are characterized by increased strength, resistance to water and deformation. All TechnoNIKOL products are manufactured according to European standards and do not pose a danger to human life. The company takes an active part in foreign conferences and competitions to improve the performance parameters of insulation materials. This suggests that TechnoNIKOL produces world-class products.

To improve the quality of products, the company founded a research and development center - a center where finished products are tested, for this they use a heat-cold-moisture climatic chamber . For example, in 2013, the center managed to improve corrugated sheets in Kolomna, reducing the cost of its production. The new material entered mass production in 2014 and is distinguished by its low price and high performance parameters. As for other tests at the STC, they are carried out constantly. Experts analyze the properties and compatibility of different types of raw materials. They check the technical parameters of the finished product and suggest ways to improve its parameters.

To satisfy all customer requirements, the company is constantly working to control production. That is, finished products are carefully checked before entering the market. Defective materials are sent for rework, if possible. Recently, the company introduced a new product - Royklat (modern insulation), which was born thanks to a product quality control system.

Thus, the products of our company mean environmental safety for humans, reliable insulation and waterproofing of the house; high performance qualities of the material; long service life guarantee; and complete protection from aggressive environments.

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